30 October 2012

Sunshine at the Esplanade Splash Park

Just as my friends and family are boarding up windows and sticking up on batteries, bread, and milk in preparation for the FrankenStorm Hurricane Sandy, Zack and I were enjoying 21 degree C weather here at the Esplanade. We met up with Esther and Cayla and Zack had an impromptu picnic of animal crackers.

A world away from the Atlantic storm, we enjoyed a super sunny and not very breezy day at the park. Even wearing 85 SPF lotion, I got a bit sunburned.  Nice day for the splash park, though.


  1. I'd rather have your weather than our Hurricane Sandy weather! Looks nice.

  2. Super cute watching Zach and Cayla setting up their little picnic area. What a great spot they both chose.