12 October 2012


You can grow bananas in the library, which is exactly what NZ locals do.  Check it out!

Seriously, real bananas grow on trees here inside the library reading atrium.
We became members of the library, and rented some books and DVDs today. 
Giant metal cockroach type bugs decorated the outside of the building of the arts and sciences... very cool.
Esther and her kiddo crew showed us around the science center downtown at Te Manawa and the kids had fun in a dark tunnel that led to a rainbow treehouse and in the constructtion zone play area where they built a wall of foam bricks.
Esther treated us to some delicious Chinese dumplings, pancake, chicken with cashews, etc.  Zack was being a bit crazy and overtired, because he woke up this morning at 4:30am.

We got home around 1:30pm and the kids relaxed and watched Shaun the Sheep on the floor of the living room.
My tired boys played with the nanny Ameera and I registered Superstar Tutoring Ltd. with the NZ government this afternoon.

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