14 October 2012

October Veg. Garden?

Expats Blog

That's right! Time to plant your spring and summer veggies and flowers.

The veggie compost soil had a warning on it: LIVE MICROORGANISMS. Wear gloves and wash off immediately after touching. You could actually see bugs crawling in it and it smelled like manure super fresh from the farm. Like they shoveled it right from the farm into the bag kind of fresh. I bet it will be awesome soil for growing tomatoes.

It took a while to wash off my hands, about three installments, in order to get the manure fragrance off of them. Very necessary to clean up because I was cooking dinner afterwards.

After dinner, the kids bounced around on the trampolines at the Esplanade. Pretty fun and a good way to burn off energy.

Today was the last day of spring break, and Ben is going to get registered at school tomorrow morning for the 4th quarter.

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