03 October 2012

Rainbow over New Zealand

We arrive in NZ after a 13 hour flight and were greeted by a huge rainbow over the airport . Everyone on the plane was nice , and we got to sleep 5-6 hours on the SkyCouch, where our 6 seats folded out into 2 flattened couches. The movie selection on the DVD system on the airplane was awesome, and I watched 3 movies! The kids got some rest and Mike and I took turns walking Zack up and down the aisle . In Aukland, we had to go to customs, which was a 300 person long line. Zack was overtired and was clucking a song like a chicken at his loudest voice through the line. This drove others waiting insane, and someone in front of us begged me to quiet him down, which was only slightly possible provided that I carry him on my shoulders. This left Mike with 6 handbags to carry, so Mike was whining and complaining. Ben was also hyper, so that made us a sight to see. The customs lady cleared us through, and told Mike to have our domestic arguing disputes elsewhere, not at the customs desk. We got some carts, which helped with the luggage. We needed 4 carts- three for luggage and one for carry on bags. Les, a volunteer , helped us with our carts, since we ran out of hands. Our bags were xrayed and rechecked . I had to hold Zack, since he kept crawling onto the luggage area where he would have been crushed by 50 pounds of luggage falling off the conveyor onto him. The dog at the airport sniffed our bags for drugs and evidence of fruit. None to be found. We then had one hr 15 min to get to our commuter flight to Pamerston North. We made it with a few minutes to grab a muffin and an apple juice. The commuter flight was OK, but Zack was determined to unbuckle his seat belt every 2 minutes, and kick the seat on front of him. There was a bot of turbulence in the clouds, and the steward got hot coffee spilled all over his hand during the drink service . 55 minutes later, we arrive in Palmerston. Jacqui, our landlord, meets us, as does a Super Shuttle guy holding a Mrs. Fried sign. We get most of our luggage(6 of 7) and the last luggage will be dropped off later to our house directly later in the day. Jacqui is very nice , as she herself moved here from England 26 yrs ago. She drives me to our place, and Mike and the kids follow in the Super Shuttle. Our new place is nice, and reminds me a bit of our 3 bedroom place in Kirkland, WA we used to have. I really miss having a dryer and a dishwasher machine, which Mike is baffled by. We order CurryExpress Indian food delivery andBen and I go walk to the mall to get a iPhone 5 NZ style and some groceries . We have dinner, take baths/ showers, unpack half pur things, and then all fall asleep at 6 pm exhausted. The kids woke up at 4 am this morning full of energy. What will day 2 of Palmerston North bring? I'll keep you posted.

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