28 October 2012

Pumpkin Party a Smashing Hit!

Kids came dressed as superheroes, zombies, fairies, dragons, and skeletons to experience a Halloween party for the first time ever.

The pumpkin pinata took about twenty hits before it came down.  I spilled the contents onto the grass and the kids ran to collect toys and candies.

Then we feasted on pizza, chips, veggies, fruit, and juice boxes to get some actual food into the kids before all the sugar.  We had paraded around the block and my two neighbors passed out lollies and jaffas (chocolate sweets) to the kids, which they loved doing. I had preplanned this route and planted sweets at their house on hand, since there is no guarantee that houses will be stocked with sweets and trick or treaters are super rare.

We played some games like relay race and "Collect Skeleton fingers" from the yard, in which I used my clothespins scattered on the grass.

Then we went inside and had cupcakes made by Mark's family as well as the ones I made with Esther and Raeleen. Sugared up to the max.  "Lollied out!" as someone proclaimed.

The kids and adults enjoyed the novelty of the experience and I was glad that the kids could celebrate Halloween in a far off land.


  1. This is great Liz! The only thing missing is the traditional American Halloween egg hunt. Hahaha!!! We sure do miss you here!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Cool costumes.