29 October 2012

Are those capsicums in your trundler?

New Kiwi words include capsicums, which are bell peppers, and trundler, which is a shopping cart.

Well, I am always learning something new...

Shopping at Pak N Save saves cash, since you pack your own groceries and the plastic bags are an extra charge per bag.  Many people bring their own reusable bags.

Zack has been going through a bit of separation anxiety at school and with our nanny.  Usually he is OK after a few minutes.  However, he insisted on walking with me to Countdown grocery to get rice this afternoon instead of staying with Ameera and Ben.  Sigh...

Mike is home everyday by 6pm , which is pretty cool.

My dinner creation tonight was a beef curry with capsicums (bell peppers) , mushrooms, onions, garlic, and curry powder.  I am trying to get used to using a crock pot slow cooker, and I have made 3 meals so far that have been edible. 
Progress, not perfection. I am not cut out to be this domestic!

Here are some more crazy park pictures:


  1. Some pretty impressive cooking! A crock pot, wow. The one park ride looks like Wolverine's claws.

  2. Amazing Liz!! Hey a link to more slowcooker recipes http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/collections/slow_cooker_recipes