18 October 2012


That's how you spell it in Kiwiland.  Both the kids are enroled (enrolled) in school now.

Zack is at Montessori, working hard at experiments with colored dye and crafting scrapbook scissors.
Ben is adjusting well to life in his new school. All the kids ride Razor scooters to school, so Ben now desperately wants a Razor scooter. There are about 15 scooters parked outside his classroom every day.

I made a baby blanket and hat and a gift basket for Malcolm's family this week.  They have a 5 week old baby girl, so I thought it would be nice.  I used the last of my imported from America cotton yarn. Too much time on my hands!  The wind was knocking out satellite TV last night, so we had to settle for listening to the radio ZM station.

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