10 October 2012

Sandbox for Halloween?

Today we got a sandbox and some summertime beach ball toys, just in time for ....Halloween?
No joke!  Springtime Halloween is just 2 weeks away! After visiting Zack and Ben's new schools, we got a sand box and 60 L of play sand to made a backyard fun spot.

The kids had fun mucking around with water and sand in their swimsuits.

I did find some Halloween decor at the Uncle Bill's novelty shop in town.  People thought I was mad because I bought one out of every two Halloween items they had in stock.  Got to get ready for our costumed block party on Oct 27th for Halloween. Soon it will be PARTY TIME!

:)     Thanks for some American mail Colorado Greenbaums and Puddle Jumpers Learning center.  You are wonderful to send notes to us. Send me a postcard or letter, and I will give you a shout out on my blog!

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