19 October 2012

Fun Friday at Te Manawa

Zack and I went off this morning to meet Esther and RaeLee at Te Manawa play centre.  The kids played for a long while, and then RaeLee left to go home for kiddo nap time.

Esther , Cayla and the two of us then went to the McD's on Rangatikea Street.  they have a big crawl through play area and the kids had chicken nuggets and played until 1:30 pm or s. Koen giggled aat my funny American baby lullabys that I sang him.

The ants returned to my kitchen, this time to snack on my unfinished dirty dishes and all the crumbs and morsels in my sink.  I begrudgingly washed the sink and killed all ant invaders, which was a mere dozen or so.

We got Razor scooters for the kids to ride on.  Ben is good at balancing on the board, but it is tricky for Zack.

We made chicken pot pie, veggies, and had Doritos for dinner.  tomorrow marks the beginning of a trip to Hobbiton and the Kiwi bird fuge, so that will be a fun weekend outing.  Plus, we get to see Lake Taupo and get more practice driving on the left of the road, as it is 5 hours north of Palmy.
Adventure awaits!

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