13 October 2012

Lollipops cheer up a rainy day...

When it's raining out, why not go to the indoor play "centre"- Lollipops Playland, where parents get a free coffee or latte and kids play for hours happily.  At the end, they give each kid a lollipop, called a "lollie."  Ben and Zack loved it there.
There was an indoor carousel made from Little Tikes three wheelers suspended in air.
Happy Ben crawls through a maze, kind of like a mega version of a Boomer's play area or Imagination Island in MA, USA.
Then, Ameera came over in the evening to watch the kiddos and Mike and I had a lovely date night at Zoe's Grill and Bar in Palmerston North. Mike had a great lamb shank meal.
After our great date, we went to the Warehouse together, Palmy's Target-like store that has a Costco type warehouse feel. After getting some Angry Bird cookies and some gummy eyeball candies for our Halloween party coming up, we returned home to the kids, who then promptly fell asleep at 9pm.
A relaxing and nice day for the family, despite the intermittent rain.

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