05 October 2012

Winternitzes and Winning the Full Monty

More mid day visits from Andrew, Liesl, Noah, and Katarina Winternitz before they headed back towards Aukland.

The kids ran aroung like monkeys and had a good time indoors, since it was a drizzly damp day.

We had a good time learning about how Andrew got into defense through a circuitous career path after law school, and how he met his wife over 10 years ago in Germany while he was studying overseas and she was working as a business communications professor. Andrew Winternitz and family on 5 October 2012.

And the NZ exciting ad of the day, one for the FULL MONTY car wash near the Plaza mall, meaning "the works".
So, I naturally thought the car wash might be offering the full monty, ie. total nudity guy show, just  like the 1997 movie below:
So, you put car wash and FULL MONTY movie theme together and you would have....
something that might look like this (a pic from a real fundraiser car wash in Sept 1998)?
[Front View] 
But alas, that was not the FULL MONTY car wash they were offering, no buffing the car in the buff. Too bad, since that would really be a great story to tell you about back in the states.

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