04 October 2012

Our first visitors overseas!

Today, Andrew Winternitz , his wife, Katarina , and family came to Palmerston North to visit us on their way through NZ to Tahiti and then home to Virginia.  The kids were thrilled to hang out with Liesl and Noah, their cousins, and play Legos, Play Doh, and run around the mall eating dinosaur and cellphone shaped donuts.  It was a good time all around.

Liesl and I did our nails an aqua color with flower embellishments, and I braided her hair into a fishtail.  We bonded, as I love hanging out as Auntie Liz.

It was rainy and chilly today, so it was a good mall day and we even turned on our gas heater in the living room.

In other weird news of the day- we discovered a new food- called BIG BUGS IN MUD. It is cocoa oat bundles of sorts. I haven't tried it as yet- but it is not made out of ants or other insects, I checked.

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