27 October 2012

Prepped for Pumpkin Party

All the preparations for our American Kiwi Halloween Costume Party Spectacular are in full effect. Raeleen and Esther came over last night to help decorate cupcakes and make icing from scratch . Very helpful!

 I set out treat bags on the mantle and brought out the stuffed pumpkin jack o lantern piƱata, so all I need to do today is hang it on the tree outside. I am hoping that the Kmart will have rope, otherwise I will have to drive across town to our Home Depot equivalent, Mitre 10 Mega.

We have about two dozen kids RSVPed to attend. I have convinced two of my neighbors to pass out candy and lollies to the kids as a part of the Halloween parade. That's about as close as we can get to successful trick or treating here in Palmerston North.

Bringing a bit of American culture and tradition to the North Island of NZ today.  I hope the party is a hit!

Very exciting! Just have to order pizzas from Domino's and were all set.

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