03 October 2012

Kiwi Kids are Kool

Want to now how Ben and Zack are treated in NZ? Like Royalty!

Everywhere we go, people provide coloring pages, games, toys, and lollipops to kids. For breakfast, the kids got pancakes with ice cream and whipped cream on them, and then got a free "lolly log", which is a piece of poundcake with lollipop pieces baked into it.

There is no chocolate milk here, but there is MILO, a cross between malt and chocolate powder that you can put in milk. Just hearing our American kids talk makes NZ locals smile and coo.

Someone told me that College St Normal School will be thrilled to have Ben, a real American kid, at the school. A music teacher I met said that I could teach American sports and hobbies at junior high if I teach academics there , like cheerleading. Too funny. We are really rare- a real American family!

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