15 October 2012

Do the Barefoot Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey is not a dance where you put your right foot in, or your left foot in and shake it all about, and then turn yourself around on the dance floor.

It is a delicious honeycomb brittle, kind of like peanut brittle. They put it in ice cream, which is yummy, and chocolate bars, which is even yummier.

  It's the number two most popular ice cream flavor (flavour) in Kiwi land. And Kiwis eat Hokey Pokey barefoot all year round. Barefeet are in the street, in the mall, in the park, and strangely no where close the sandy beach- they are everywhere.

Ben's first day of school left him barefoot. At the end of the school day, everyone is instructed to take off all socks and shoes and run around the field behind the school twice. "Strange!" he commented to me as I picked him up. Yet I saw classes of kids being dismissed with no shoes on, coming back from the field, so the story has merit.

Here's a shot of NZ people on the street, wearing either sandals or no shoes at all, taken by another blogger, http://thebaldrysgokiwi.blogspot.co.nz/2011/01/how-new-zealand-is-not-canada.html.
Only in NZ!

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