01 November 2012

Come As U R Mardi Gras

So we didn't celebrate Halloween today, even though it was Oct 31st, 2012.  We did get three trick or treaters at 6pm- they got candy from me, as traditionally they would.

Instead, we went to school, gymnastics with Zack, and summer soccer with Ben.

 Mike came home, and then to Come As U R Mardi Gras at St Albans Church. No costumes. Just "come as you are..."

It was really cool, with bouncy houses, balloon animals made by pro, carnival food, games, and other things.  The kids watched men and women fire dancers and then came the fireworks.

Malcolm, Mike's boss, was part of the home brewed fireworks team that used a car battery to remote detonate 30 mins of fireworks in a back parking lot.  Pretty cool, especially for a DIY project (do it yourself).

Happy Mardi Gras people!

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