15 November 2012

Mr. Purrsalot, our awesome kitten!

I thought that it is time to dedicate a full post to my new cat, Mr. Purrsalot.  He is a wonderful kitty that we have been enjoying for the past few days.

Things about Mr. Purrsalot:

1. He prefers sleeping on your neck and shoulders.  This makes him kind of like a cat neckwarmer.

2. He purrs A LOT.  That's why Ben named him accordingly.  When we took the kitten to the vet, they had to dangle him next to running water at the sink to get him to stop purring for long enough that they could check his heartrate.

3. He loves the kids. Zack carries him around like a sock puppet, which he doesn't mind even. 

4.He is playful, and likes to wrestle with your feet. Here he is before a pounce!
5. He lives with us here in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  If we can't afford the import of our Ragdolls from the states, then at least we have Mr.Purrsalot to fill that void in our hearts.

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