22 November 2012

Ticketed and Home Cooked Disaster Chef

Got in trouble for parking under a school sign here in New Zealand.  Apparently, a yellow polka dotted zone is no parking, and I was hit with a $60 fine for parking my car near Ben's school to pick him up. 

There aren't any school buses, so pick up is mandatory.  I am just peeved that I keep getting in trouble for stupid things here- in two months, Mike got a speeding ticket for going 112 in a 100 km.hr zone and I have received two speeding tickets. Mike and I are going to take a AA defensive driving course and work on getting our NZ drivers licenses.  These rules are wacky!

Grumble....all well, so it goes.  Off to cook up some raw pumpkin to make two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.  Step aside Martha Stewart, here I come!

Good thing my apartment has a smoke alarm, just saying.  Beware of the home cooked disaster chef. Expat blogs in New Zealand


  1. It’s really embarrassing to get pulled over! But I think you really have to take defensive driving. It might give you trouble with renewing your licenses, or if you got ticketed again. The officers might resort to a bigger fine, or even suspending your license. Anyway, good luck!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bond

  2. I agree with Norma. It’s never fun to get a ticket, no matter how seldom it is. And if you think taking defense driving lessons will help, then you really must do it. Anyway, how are things doing now?

    Grant Robbins @ 1st Choice Bail Bonds