14 November 2012


That's what Kiwis say when they finish a project or get out of a dilemma.  Now we're "sorted", meaning we finally found a rental 4 bedroom house in Ben's school zone. 

We move in on December 8th, just in time for the holidays. Our container is arriving this wek and going through customs. It will be so awesome to be reunited with our stuff again- family photos, our comfy couch, the kids toys, and our nice mattresses from the states.

Mike and I have been waking up with huge backaches from the bed in out furnished rental.  It seems to be hard and yet compress down for no support when you sleep on it.  Uncomfortable.  Of course, I am super glad we had a furnished rental to move into for these past two months.  Otherwise, we would have been in a hotel or completely unfurnished rental sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor.

The kids managed to pull the old wallpaper off of their kid bedroom in our temporary furnished rental, so we have to pay extra to get the wall steamed and finish repainting it before we leave Dec 8th. Those mischievous boys!

In other news, I am super sore from going to the gym yesterday.  I went to enrol in City Fitness two days ago, and went yesterday for the first time in two months.  I did a silly thing and locked myself out of my gym locker by putting my keys inside my purse, and then locking up my purse.  I had the "walk of shame" with the metal clipping shears to my locker to snap off the lock.  Classic move for my first day!

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