03 November 2012

Cat Drama

I miss Squeaker and BB, our two lovable ragdoll cats, immensely.  We flew them to Seattle to live on a short-term arrangement with my sister Becky, at her house in Seattle on Sept 9th. 

That was super kind of her, because she already has a cat Kramer that lives in her studio apartment overlooking the Space Needle. 

Three cats, even for a short-time, is approaching Crazy Cat Lady proportions if you live in a studio apartment.

We want to import them to NZ, but it costs about three thousand  US dollars to do the import process, and that is the minimum cost.   They were scheduled to live with her for 150 days, then fly internationally and do a mandatory 30 day quarantine in NZ.  That means we have no cats for 180 days! They have already had numerous doctor visits, bloodwork, a flight across the states to Becky, and it's really racking up cost to us.

I found out that it costs $60/day for the cats to be in the quarantine facility in NZ for 30 days.  Yikes!  The costs of importing pets are way too high.

So, we have regrettably decided to try to rehome them to a family in Seattle who recently lost their two senior regdolls over the past two years.

It's just really hard to admit that the process of importing pets has beat us down.

In the future, pets MUST stay in the country they live in.  Importing is a horrible process that takes 6 months and costs a fortune!

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