07 November 2012

House Hunters International

The hunt is on for the perfect rental in Palmerston North, NZ!
Just like the show on HGTV, we are on the search for our international pad to live for the two years we are here.  It looks like our container is going to arrive by boat on Thursday of next week, so we need to secure a new rental house this week.

I am looking at 3 houses today, and one on Monday. Yesterday I went to two other houses.  Exhausting!

The perfect house for us will be:
*3 bedrooms
*1-2 bathrooms
*In the zone for Ben's school
*fenced in backyard

This sounds like it shouldn't be too hard, but Ben's school zone is only 15 blocks wide in the SE corner of Palmerston North. That means I have a very small area of the town to look in- about 1/8th the size of downtown Plymouth, MA for my MA friends who get that reference.

Houses also look homely from the outside, so it is hard not to judge a book by its cover.  The nice homes are called "executive posh estates" .  We don't have the funds for one of those fancy 300square meter places. 

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  1. Hi, Liz! I've been enjoying reading your blog as our family prepares for a potential move from central CA to Palmerston North within the next couple months. We're expecting an addition to our family in early December (we already have a 6-year-old), and I'm completely overwhelmed! Anyway, reading your blog makes me feel more at ease about the prospect, so I just wanted to say thanks! I'd love to connect with you and hear your advice about schools, finding rentals, etc. Thanks again for sharing your experiences!