04 November 2012

Mud shower at Demolition Derby

Ben, Zack, and I went out to the Palmerston North Speedway last night around seven for the demolition derby and fireworks show.  Mike wanted some quiet time at home to work on a fictional short story he is creating about dragon gods and an ancient people.

Ben and Zack were super excited to find out that the FMG stadium is right next to the summer soccer fields, just 5-6 mins from home by car. Finding a place to park was tricky, but we found street parking 3 blocks from the stadium.

I am so glad we brought the blanket, which shielded us from a shower of chunks of dirt and mud flung up from race cars on the muddy tracks.

After paying just $25 for 3 people( under 8 is free), we entered the stadium, which was mostly packed. We found seats in the "family section" and found many of the seats covered in chunks of mud and dirt.  We cleared off some seats in the forth row up and got out a beige blanket I had brought to keep the kids warm during the show. Good thinking!

We had been on the track for less than 15 mins when we were showered in chunks of muddy dirty racetrack as the speed carts and race cars passed. 
 The blanket was soon a shield for flying debris. Lovely!

The kids loved the motorcycles, the race cars, and the giant crane that raised a sedan 300 ft in the air and then dropped it onto the tire target. Cool.

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