11 November 2012

Cheep Cheep Chicken Week

This week, it's time to go to Pack N Save supermarket, for "cheap chicken, and things that taste like chicken, and things that have chicken in them, ans things made by chickens, like eggs," so the ad says.

So, chicken satay, potatoes, capsicums, and carrots on rice is for dinner tonight.

This is to offset the expensive $84 turkey I got to serve 10-12 people from the Moreish butcher shop, one of the ONLY places that imports turkeys. They don't like the wet NZ climate. Getting ready for my Thanksgiving dinner, which I am holding on Fri Nov 23rd, the same time as people in the US who will be celebrating their Thanksgiving on Thursday. Yay for time change loopholes.

I have invited our Kiwi friends Esther and Matt, and their two kids, and UK expat Kerri and her husband and two kids.

We are also getting ready for summertime Santa.  The Pajama Party at the mall with Santa is this Thurs.

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