10 November 2012

Take that ants!

The ants have finally met their match. Raid Ant Killer provides a delicious sugary and slowly poisonous treat for the ants, so they lure all out of the nest to eat it, where they die in the ant trap.

Take that you stupid indoor arthropods! The final straw was when I set my glass of red merlot wine on the mantle and then came back 30 minutes later to 20 ants crawling all over the glass and some floating in the wine.  Yuck!

That's when I busted out the Raid and lured them to their doom.  About 450 ants died over the course of two days. 

Mr. Purrsalot, our new cat, did a good job of eating some of them from the windowsill as they marched up to the mantle. Then he took a nap and watched Mike play Candy Crush on Facebook with Ben.

Success! Final score: Liz 1: Ants 0.

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