18 November 2012


Ben's school field trip was to Shannon to go to Owlcatraz and see some rare NZ birds, including the weka birds, the more pork owls, and pukekos.
Baby weka bird
No pictures of the owls were allowed, but we saw four of the six more pork owls there, which were really well camouflaged, as were the weka birds.

Mint sauce with your lamb?

Windy,the ostrich reaches up 6 feet easily to eat some grain.

Pukeko bird

Carnivorous snails

It was fun because it was an aviary and wildlife center with a kid-friendly environment, including a play area, a Thomas train ride, free coffee and tea for adult volunteers, and a scavenger hunt for ceramic bunnies, dogs, and frogs on logs on the trail.

I got an ostrich egg nightlight as a holiday gift from the shop, one of 90 eggs laid by Windy the ostrich there.

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