24 November 2012

Kiwi Thanksgiving

It's time to celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand. I have made my pumpkin pie from a local greenish gray pumpkin. The first pie was burned along the edges, but the second pie came out great!

My $84 turkey has defrosted and is ready to cook.

We went last night with green beans and one pie to Ian and Monica's house in Palmy to celebrate Thanksgiving with some other Americans and their Kiwi extended family and friends. We brought candy corn, which Mike had shipped us from America.

 Ian is NZ native and Monica is from Long Island, NY, so their kids have dual citizenship, which is neat.

Some of the Kiwis were relieved that candy corn is made out of corn syrup and not pieces of actual corn. "They look like teeth!" one person said. "Oh, they are lollies. I have seen these on TV but never ever had one in my life. They are quite good, "another Kiwi said. Too funny....

We stayed to chat and party until 9:00pm or so. BThe kids bounced on the trampoline until sunset and then tired themselves out.By the end of the party, Zack was asleep on the couch and Ben was zoned out watching Smurfs on DVD. It was great fun.

Thanksgiving day two was also a hit!  We celebrated in the evening with Kerry and Darren, Esther and Matthew, and Siouh Kim and Malcolm.

 The turkey was cooked and two more pumpkin pies were made (couln't bear to serve the burned one).

Everyone took turns cuddling the cat, and Darren gave Mr. Purrsalot some turkey.
 The kids played in the sandbox in the back, since it was a warm sunny day.

Esther made a delicious sweet potato casserole and Kerry made a yummy pecan pie.

The kids loved the desserts the best, of course!

Mike celebrated his 34th bday with a chocolate cake and a long speech about the twenty things he was thankful for, like friedns, family, the internet, and the "real housewifes of Orange Conty" TV.

Mike's 34th bday!

living in New Zealand

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  1. Thankyou for sharing thanksgiving with us. And thanks too for the turkey carcass! :)