02 March 2013

South Island Ahoy!

The boys and I are undertaking a big move to Christchurch today. With our cat Me. Purrsalot, we are now boarding the InterIslander Ferry to Picton on the South Island. Then we will drive hours along the coast until we end up in Christchurch to meet up with Mike.
The container with our stuff arrives in ChCh ( Christchurch) on Mon or Tues.

We get to live in a hotel for a while, and kitten will live in our empty rental house for 3 days.

Too bad they haven't come up with a transport beam that can teleport us there instantly like on Star Trek. Oh well...some things have to be done the hard way.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! Why did you all have to move again? I hope the time spent living in the hotel goes smoothly for you all!