21 March 2013

Re:START scores big!

Looking for confetti cupcake pop tarts or some Lipton matzo ball soup mix? You can actually get some at the Cashel Mall Re:START shopping centre.

Getting there was a bit tricky, since it is 1 block away from the Red Zone, so we parked 2 blocks away and walked. The construction workers told us the easiest way to get to the restart mall was through a department store, so we walked through it- voila! Shopping centre reached.

The Importer store was made out of containers, which was cool. Zack insisted on getting Angry Birds gummies and some CapriSun drinks.

We got some matzo ball soup mix, some matzo, and matzo cake mix. A Passover Miracle to find Jewish food in Christchurch. :)

Restart mall also has some glancing clothes shops. Check out the cool shoes.

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