10 March 2013

Girl Guide Biscuits and the Pinetum

Girl guide biscuit anyone?  Roadside booths were set up peddling biscuits for the girl guides, known in the states as girl scout cookies.

They come in Plain, Chocolate Dipped, and Mini Biscuits.  They cost $3.50!

Here are some pics of the guides, and one of the biscuit boxes held by Ben.

Then later in the afternoon, the kids and I headed off the the Hagley Park and ended up in the Pinetum, which is an arboretum filled with evergreen trees, many of which are 100 years old or more.  Nice big trees to climb on.

Then we went to the play area and enjoyed the mini castle and slides. A good Saturday break from all the unpacking at the house.

Love the wild expressions on Zack's face!  He very rarely poses, but rather goofs off for the camera.

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