07 March 2013

The ground was quaking, the steeples are were shaking...

What happens in Christchurch when the earthquakes occur? Apparently, the answer is that every steeple and clock tower fell off or were very badly damaged.

Every church and older building now has a beheaded look to it , as the steeples and clock towers are sitting on a support NEXT to the buildings to be repaired. Zack is constantly asking, " why is that broken? Why haven't they fixed it?" Every day...

The churches all took major damage, and even the sole synagogue in the area took damage. So, the quakes did a number on the religious structures in Christchurch, most of which were 100-200 years old.

In other news, Christchurch has a Starbucks! I finally enjoyed a nonfat latte and Zack sampled their macarons ( macaroons).

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