26 March 2013

Kiwi Passover

Who celebrates Passover in Christchurch? A veritable United Nations of people!

At our table, we had a student from Virginia, a student from South Africa, a Kiwi originally from Amsterdam, and a local Sister nun from Interfaith group.

We also met people from England and Israel. Very cool!

I met a Bostonian Jew ( Framingham) who gave us the name of the best cafe for lox and bagels in town.

The Seder was at a Vineyard restaurant and the kids enjoyed matzah ball soup and playing with the other kids on the swingset, since it was 25 C outside.


  1. Sounds amazing Liz; good for you guys!! Happy Passover!

  2. very cool LIz - glad you had a great time at a sedar in Kiwiville

  3. Happy Passover Fried Family!