29 March 2013

Sushi share

American ways and Kiwi ways sometimes clash. This became evident this week with a preschool egg hunt and a sushi share incident.

Mike went to Free Food and Fun Event at work late and saw that everyone had eaten and he saw that there was a huge pile of sushi left. Sweet! So he picks up and eats 8 pieces. On choking down on his 7th piece, a coworker whispers, "We each had only 1 piece." To which Mike is puzzled...

In America, it is recommended you share, but also there is a winner takes all policy for leftovers. In NZ, there is a huge emphasis on everything being exactly equal.

Another example,: the egg hunt at both the Boy Scouts and at the Montessori had exact limits on how many eggs you could gather ( 6 multivolred and 1 foil marshmallow egg) and 2 eggs each at Montessori. Why must it be equal? In America, there are winners and losers. That is part of what makes it fun. The competition.

This is just a cultural difference. I still vote that having 8 pieces of sushi leftovers or 36 eggs in an egg hunt just shows you are being smart and winning. Ha ha! Competitive aggressive American greed, some Kiwis would argue. But, as we all know, "Life isn't fair."

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  1. Another example of why NZ is more & more appealing, I like the even/fair, I like to see everyone got a good amount - though 1 piece of sushi is just weird!!! why would you only eat 1 piece? lol