24 March 2013

Fall Egg Hunt

The leaves change, and it is cooler on the South Island now. Fall time is very pretty, and the garden city of Christchurch still has many flowers blooming.

A great time for an...Egg hunt? Sure! Easter is 1 week away.

We filled 400 American plastic eggs ( made in China) with cheap Lollies from the warehouse store and 3.5 kg of Choc, hard candy, and taffy later, all the eggs were loaded with treats and ready to go.

Kiwis are terrible with RSVPing to a party. I only had heard from 8 people, but 20 people showed up with their kids to the egg hunt.

Kiwis also were excited to have an egg hunt, since normally they hide 12 Choc marshmallow eggs in their backyard and call it an egg hunt.
One of the mums commented, " In America, you do everything bigger." Ha ha! So true!
We held the hunt at the MacIntosh Park two blocks from my house, and the kids loved it. Another party success!

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  1. Hi from Rockville, MD! Grandma and grandpa really like your photos. Looks like a great time!