02 May 2013

License to Drive!

The time has come to get a Kiwi driver's license. I waited about 6 months or so, but people would kind of laugh at my American driver's license if I gave it over as ID. "Where is Massachusetts?" "Why don't you have a NZ ID? " "Hmmm...do you have your passport instead as ID? We don't take international licenses."
Turns out,the process of learning to drive on the left and signal at roundabouts was way harder than getting the license. That took at least two months to learn.

Just a 35 min wait in line at AA store with Zack circling me and pulling on the stands and travel merchandise - then an eye test and $55 NZD later, and I was getting a photo for my new license to drive down under!

Very cool! Out with the old and in with the new!

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