05 May 2013

Canterbury Museum

Looking for some fun in downtown Christchurch? The Canterbury Museum is free to enter, and most exhibits are free.

The Paua Shell house was cool. It was a house taken from southern part of SouthIsland and literally rebuilt inside the museum. The couple who were married 73 years spend 50 years collecting shells and decorating their house with them. The lounge you walk through has 1150 Paua shells decorating the walls. Cool!

They also had two different Antarctic explorer wings of the museum, and a bird hall. The kids were not at all interested in the Far East exhibit or the mummy.

They did like the snow mobile simulator though and the dinosaurs-allosaurus and triceratops.

We brought a packed lunch and ate in the cafe. We got some hot chips ( French fries) and were sad to discover the tomato sauce (ketchup) was only enough for four hot chips, and extra ketchup costs heaps extra. Bummer!
 Nice view of the botanical gardens and pine trees from the 3rd floor cafe,too.

We paid $2/ person to go to Discovery Zone for kids, which was cool and filled with all sorts of fossils, stuffed creatures, and spiders. The boys "looked for fossils" and examined bugs under the microscope. Classic nerdy fun for the Fried family.

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