26 May 2013

Emergency reliever to the rescue!

It has been no secret that it has been hard to find work here in NZ for me. After months of "...you have been UNSUCCESSFUL "letters from potential employers, I lucked out and got a job at Quick Help as a reliever teacher. They call you when a teacher has an emergency and has to leave school ASAP. In this case, a male science teacher happened to go in for a routine health check and ended up having a heart stint surgery. I got the call and was glad to be able to work as a teacher again. This week has been a bit rough though, as I have been teaching year 12 and 13 level chemistry, year 10 general science, and a 2 hr daily seminar on nuclear article physics. Needless to say, I have been up for hours at night lesson planning and learning the material again. Here was the rainbow near the school on Friday before I gave my lesson on nuclear particle physics. I took this as a good sign. The students, hoping for a bit of a holiday from learning, were a bit disappointed to find that I knew the material and even assign regular homework. Some talkative NZ students said that they made their last reliever teacher cry. Ha! I trained in the American public school system, so if they were hoping to "get me good" they were dead wrong. NZ students are quiet little angels for the most part. There are always a few mischief makers in each class. The kids at home have been missing Mommy Time, as I am in bed by 7:30 pm some nights and too tired to read them a goodnight story. This job is supposed to last a total of 2 weeks. Hopefully, the word will get out that I am a good teacher and I will find more teaching work.

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  1. Hope this leads to more work for you although I will admit that the words nuclear particle physics give me a headache.