02 June 2013

A premature Farewell

This week was week 2 of teaching at the Steiner school in St Martins. At the end of the week, the staff even had a goodbye send off choc apple cake for my farewell. The science teacher in his late sixties was on the mend from stint surgery and bronchitis and was definitely coming back Tues after the 3 day weekend for "Queen's Birthday". Only this Sat morning I got a text from the reliever coordinator that the teacher has been commanded by his doctor to take 1 more week off of work. Could I return for week 3 of nuclear particle physics, organic chem, inorganic chem, and physical science lecture on forces. Hmmm...sure! So now, I have 4 more days of working mum mode. My gym routine has been put on hold for now, and Zack has been missing his Fri swim classes with our neighbor's kid Benjamin. However, earning $$ is good if you live in expensive NZ. You really need two working parents to make ends meet. Off I go for more teaching adventures. Most of the students will be surprised to see me, and some will even be glad that I am back, with my American sarcasm and loud booming voice. Who else makes the kids listen to the Sun song by They Might Be Giants on the speakers?

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