02 June 2013

Attack of the Ginger Ninja

Mr. Purrsalot has enjoyed having a cat door here in Christchurch. He has been an indoor/ outdoor cat and spends large parts of his day perched on the fence as our lookout watch cat. However, the neighborhood has a bully cat, the evil Ginger Ninja. He strikes fear into the other cats and can attack them even in their own backyards. The Ginger Ninja has also bitten and infected the wound of our neighbor Mel's cat last month, which cost them a few hundred dollars to fix. A horrible cat fight erupted last week between Mr. Purrsalot and an unknown cat pawing and clawing him through our cat door flap at 12:30 am. I just saw a paw clawing at Mr. Purrsalot and rushed over to kick the door flap to scare off the mean cat. Then, I came home from work on Tues and found kitten was quite sore and grouchy when you pet his back. He winced and yelped in pain. Mr Purrsalot just sat by the heater and slept, which is very weird behavior. The next day, it was not improving. I called the local vets and St Albans centre had a 5:30 pm appt, so the kids and I went with our sick kitten to the vet. Turns out there was a fang mark puncture in Kitten's back that had become infected. He had to stay overnight at the vet and have abscess surgery. Today, kitten will have his drain removed at the vet. Poor guy looks so haggard with his wound and his shaved fur. If I see ginger ninja cat, he will likely feel the wrath of my kick. Meanie head!

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