25 June 2013

20 weeks fitness challenge

I have been working out at CityFitness regularly since Nov 20th, and am now in a 20 week fitness challenge with Snap Fitness. I am competing in strength and lower body fitness. My North Island trainer was Kyle Chapman in Palmerston North, and he referred me to an acquaintance of his, Mark Hurdle, for when I moved to the South Island. Here I am with Mark at CityFitness Moorehouse gym.
We are in week 12 of 20 of the challenge, and I can definitely lift a lot of heavy weights now. I have lost 14 kg (31 lbs) so far, and I keep shrinking in pants sizes. Now I can shop in most stores, which is neat! Wish me luck as I continue to diet and exercise. I started taking kickboxing classes and jogging too. That is a big change for me towards a fitness lifestyle. Here is an action shot of the squats we are working on at the gym- trying to hit 500 squats as a goal!


  1. Hi Liz, what a coincidence! I have joined cityfitness today and I did not know where you go for fitness before :)

  2. That is wonderful, Liz!!! Congratulations on your hard work!