10 June 2013

Gondola in the Clouds

To end our family weekend, we went to Ferrymeade Park and then the sightseeing gondola this afternoon. The clouds just barely covered the peaks of the mountains, so we figured that it would be a great view. It was a great view, until the clouds started to roll in. By the time we had reached the top of the ride, we were inside a thick cloud. We went on the Time Tunnel ride about Canterbury, which was cool and abut cheesy, like the rides at Disneyland sometimes are. Then we walked outside at the lookout and hung out near the building covered in mist, and Ben and Zack carefully dodged numerous piles of sheep droppings on the grassy terrain around the lookout center. The clouds were so thick, you could barely see 20 feet in front of you, so there wasn't much to look out at. The ride back down the gondola was cool, and only in The last few moments could you see the bottom of the mountain and the neighboring houses. Here are some pics of the adventure.

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