21 June 2013

Noah's Ark: Christchurch edition

Everyone braced for Thursday's super storm. A blizzard! Only it warmed up, and instead became a windy rainy downpour! The streets are flooded, the winds are howling, but alas, no snow. It did delay school this morning until 10:30, but that is due to flooded roads. Wacky weather brought madness to the grocery stores. All bread and milk was snatched up on Wed night like there would be no tomorrow. I had to go to three stores before finding bread, but did snag some milk at the corner Dairy ( minimarts). So glad to have my gumboots on a wet wild weather Friday like today. However, the city has already thought ahead, and some locals built an ark on a hill in the gardens of Sumner in 2004. Flood ready!

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