06 July 2013

American Group of Christchurch

On a 4th of July, it is business as usual in NZ. However, we got invited to a Sat BBQ with the American Group of Christchurch, so we went today on 6th of July. We met in Spreydon, and got to catch up with 25 or so other Americans and Kiwis married to Americans. We brought along a fruit salad, some Capri suns, and some Cheetos. The kids had a good time hanging out with the 4 other kids, and Mike liked talking politics and Internet with the other guys. Looks like they meet up for Thanksgiving and Superbowl, so that is cool! Best of all, they had napkins and plastic plates and cups. American classics ! I told them that I have Halloween parties and egg hunts, so the President asked me to be on the planning committee.

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