16 July 2013

34th BDay dinner, party of 32...

Winter can be cool and rainy in ChCh, much like a Seattle winter. I was feeling downright sad and homesick at the beginning of the month, so I decided to plan myself a bday party.

I invited my new friends that I met through Scouts, girls night, and my neighbor Mel. Then I invited a bunch of people I had never met before- Newcomers to CHristchurch.

On the meetup, the RSVP list started to grow and grow. I called the restaurant and booked a table for 20, then for 28, then finally for 32 people. Madness, you say?

It was awesome! I had a great birthday party out at the Flying Burrito Bros in Papanui, with a group of Kiwi friends and a huge group of newbies to Christchurch that came through Meetup.com. There were people from England, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka, Canada,Australia, China, and a few other places that came out to socialize and share some margaritas and choc cake with me.

Mike and I loved the kiddo free time as well, since Analyn generously offered to watch the kids at home and rent Star Wars with them. A great night, and my first winter bday in 34 years!

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