30 July 2013

International Mike swap!

On Thursday, we are heading to the Christchurch airport twice. Once, at lunch, to drop off my husband Mike Fried to head off on a week long trip to the USA to go to his sister's wedding in Vermont.

Then at almost midnight, I am picking up my brother Mike Thompson from the airport, as he is staying in town for 4 weeks in a flat near our house to visit and see the sights.

It is an international Mike swap, of sorts, to kick off August.

What is Mike bringing from America? Cheetos and other American junk food. Awesome!

We hope to take him around to see the sights, like the gondola and Willowbank and maybe the Antarctic Center while he is here. Maybe he will come on our overnight scouting camping trip too. Winter camping is planned for 24 Aug at Blue Skies in Kaipoi.

It will be nice to see family again after 10months of being away.

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