03 August 2013

International Day and Friday Night Pillow Fight

So it came to be that Mike Fried left for a week and a half on the same day that Mike Thompson arrived at the Christchurch airport, only 8 hrs apart.

The kids were excited for the midnight pickup of Uncle Mike, even though I had to haul them mid sleep to the airport at 11 pm. It's not everyday that you get an international visitor!

Friday started with school for the kids, and a Dr appt for me. It turns out that I have an ear infection, which explains why my ears have been continuing to hurt , even now that most of my head cold is gone. Antibiotics should help....

It was international day at Zack's school, so he helped me make Mac n cheese and M &M cookies to represent cuisine from USA.

Uncle Mike came and the kids sang itsy bitsy spider in Maori and SriLanjan, and also the NZ national anthem. It was very cute!

Zack wore our American flag as a superhero cape, as many of the other kids were dressed up in batman and Spider-Man costumes or in kimonos.

Uncle Mike liked the international food spread, which included kiwi food and other stuff people brought.

Then, later in the day, we all went to Fri night services at the synagogue house. The services were cool, and we had matzah ball soup, and the kids ended the night with a pillow fight with all the Jewish kids of Canterbury. Fun!

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