20 August 2013

Top 10 Things to do in Canterbury!

Uncle Mike Thompson has been visiting Chistchurch, in Canterbury for all of August. So, best to compile a top ten things to do in Canterbury list to make the most of his stay in New Zealand.

10. Try a fluffy and a mini muffin or macaron, since the food is tiny, just like it was when we were 7 years old and had tea parties on a blanket in mom's garden.

9. Visit Willowbank to see rare NZ birds such as the buff weka and kiwi.

8. Ride on the gondola up to the top of the Port Hills for a view of sheep, and some mountains. The shop at the top has some great cheap deals on souvenirs!

7. Visit the Ferrymeade Heritage Park on steam train day and enjoy your first sausage sizzle there.

6. Take a roadie to Hanmer Springs to enjoy a hydrothermal spa and hot pool for a day. The upside to all the geologic activity is that the earth actually heats the springs to a simmering 35 C. A built in sauna on the mountainside!

5. Go camping with the Scouts at Blue Skies in Kaipoi overnight. Being outdoors is good for you, even if it is still winter here.

4. Go biking down to Hagley Park for an afternoon. On a sunny day, this is both great exercise and very relaxing.

3. Visit the Quake City museum in the RE Start container mall on Cashel St. Learn how the town crumbled into rubble two years ago, and how they have been cleverly building new earthquake resistant buildings.

2. Visit the Canterbury Museum and see the cool bug collection in the discovery zone for kids.

1. Visit Fish and Chip shops and bring your own ketchup ( tomato sauce). Kiwis wrap their food in grey paper and a scoop of hot chips (fries) and some chicken nuggets can make a meal for $5! Tasty as!

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