09 August 2013

Snack attack

Ever miss American stuff? More importantly, American junk food? We have!

To help out, I set up a snack exchange program. My friends mail me American snacks, and we mail them back NZ snacks.


Unfortunately for me, this care package from Meghan Enos came at the end of my 20 week fitness challenge and the start of my Personal Trainer Mark's Hunter-Gatherer diet, so I can't have any of it, except for the Body Builder Protein Bars. It seems my body is stuck at its current weight, so I have to do the dreaded clean eating, cut calories plan. No fun!

Kids were happy to have Reese's and Poptarts though. :)

Triathalon season of spring and summer is approaching. I got a used mountain bike off Trademe for$75, so I could actually have the equipment to enter a triathalon. I haven't owned a bike since I was 13.

Mike has boarded his Boston plane headed ultimately for Christchurch again. 30 hrs of travel for my husband? No good. I am glad that he went to his sister's wedding in USA.

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