20 August 2013

Curry and Wet Dog: House hunting AGAIN

Last week was our quarterly inspection for the landlord, meaning we have almost been in our place for 6 months! I cleaned and weeded like a nice tenant.
On Wed afternoon, I get a call from the real estate management company. I call them back, thinking that maybe they will tell me that the garden needs more weeds pulled.

Nope, the inspection went fine.

They call me instead to tell me that the owner has decided to sell the house I live in and our "rolling contract" means we have to move 42 days after they sell it or 21 days notice when we find a new place to rent.

My jaw drops! A fourth move in a year? Surely this cannot be true?

Sadly, it is. Rotten luck.

Off I go to look at new houses to rent. In a city filled with people getting earthquake repairs, everyone on the planet seems to be out looking for a new flat as well.you get to visit a house during a 15 minute interval and look at your competition for renters while they also examine the house and grab an application from the rental company. Steel cage match type competition.

Some houses are nice- I have put I two applications so far. Some have a strong odor, of wet dog, curry and ramen noodles, cigarette smoke, or mold.

Not appealing for a new renter.

I have a lead on a new house in Burnside from a scouting friend, and we may get it before they actually list it on the real estate website, which would be awesome for us. They are looking for long term tenants, which is what we would be with Mike's 3 yr visa and permanent job at Telogis.

Meanwhile, still house hunting with Zack in the afternoons after preschool. Wish me luck!

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