07 August 2013

Flying Fox

Kiwi parks are made for fun, and this was clear when we moved to NZ. Now that it is10 months later, I can re-experience the wonder through my American brother Mike Thompson's eyes. He was amazed at the size of the super slides, the height of the rock climbing wall. Lastly, I challenged him to try the Flying Fox, our zip line at the local Bishopdale Elephant Park.

Challenge accepted! He loved it so much that he was all smiles and went on three times. He even made me try it too.

Scary at first,but fun. I did scream a bit initially.

We also helped Harry and Ben scale the rock wall. They were scared to come down, but I helped hold their feet and lifted them back to safety. See, my weightlifting at the gym is paying off.

Nice warm afternoon, and you can sense spring is just around the bend. Flowers are blooming, baby ducks are hatching. The gardens are growing a bit.

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