19 May 2013

Spider's Revenge

On my weekend to Palmerston North, Zack started to itch his leg. Then two nasty bites on his knee started to swell. Concerned, I took him to the local pharmacy to have the pharmacist evaluate. Bug bites, she proclaimed, and gave us antihistamine. Then at bath time this morning, I discover that Zack has 12 new patches of bites and red marks. It is starting to look like poison ivy or chicken pox. Time to take him to the City Dr. Clinic on a Sat. The doctor evaluates him after a 40 min wait, and decides that he has a bacterial infection from a bug bite, likely a whitetail spider. Zack is given antibiotics three times a day for 7-10 days. Whitey the badass spider has had his revenge from the grave, as clearly his cousin Fang sunk his mandibles into poor Zack before we left our house in Christchurch. Evil little spider!

1 comment:

  1. Poor Zack!! We need to come up w/some type of evil spider repellent for you!!